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Undertake subcritical peony seed oil

Undertake subcritical peony seed oil project

The process principle of subcritical extraction: Taking liquefied subcritical fluid as solvent, the pretreated peony seeds were extracted by countercurrent extraction, then the liquid phase was extracted, and the solvent was gasified under reduced pressure and separated from the extracted oil to obtain crude peony seed oil. After several times of extraction, the oil is extracted from the extracted solid phase, and the solvent adsorbed in it is gasified under reduced pressure to obtain defatted peony seed meal. The vaporized solvent enters the recovery system and is stored in the solvent tank for recycling after compression and liquefaction. This process has been widely used in the extraction of various plant components,

1、 Process advantages:

1. Room temperature extraction, low temperature desolvation, fully retain the heat sensitive substances in the material, more suitable for the extraction and processing of peony seed oil, high sterol content in the oil..

2. The demonstration production line has been in stable production for 15 years.

3. The technology and equipment is a general device, which can be used to extract fat soluble components from various materials, such as edible oil, Chinese medicinal materials, spices, pigments, etc.

2、 Process flow

1. Pretreatment

Peony seed → cleaning → removing stone → crushing → separating kernel and shell → softening → rolling embryo → removing extraction

2. Extraction

Peony seed cake

A kind of

┌ - → extraction tank → evaporation tank → desolvation → peony seed crude oil

│            ↓               ↓              ↓

Compressor vacuum pump

│                              ↓               ↓

Solvent turnover tank compressor

3. Refining

Crude oil → hydration alkali refining → dehydration → decolorization → deodorization → filtration → product oil

Subcritical extraction

Conventional leaching (extraction)

Supercritical fluid extraction of light gasoline for solvent

(CO as solvent)




The oil extraction rate is more than 95%, more than 95%, more than 90% and more than 65%

The value of meal is high, low, high and low

Investment in plant construction: low, large, low

Production cost: 400 yuan / T 400 yuan / T 6000 yuan / T 350 yuan / T

The nutritional value of oil is high, low and average

Large, small, medium

The factory occupies a lot of space

Less labor, more labor

The content of α - linolenic acid was higher than that of α - linolenic acid

The oil yield is less than 25% 25% 24% 15%

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