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Undertake subcritical low temperature extraction project of wheat germ oil

Wheat germ is the raw material for processing wheat germ oil, which is low oil plant raw material (about 7% oil). It can't be produced normally by ordinary pressing process, so it must be processed by leaching process. Considering that the extracted wheat germ meal still needs to keep the invariance of protein and other heat sensitive substances, the subcritical low temperature leaching process is economically feasible: the processing scale of a single production line can process 5-100 tons of wheat germ per day.

The main leaching fluids of subcritical low temperature are liquefied butane and propane. The boiling points of the components in the solvent are mostly below 0 ℃. The boiling points of propane and butane are - 42.07 ℃ and - 0.5 ℃, respectively. They are gas at normal temperature and pressure, and liquid after pressure. The basic principle of the process is: under normal temperature and certain pressure (0.3mpa-0.8mpa), wheat germ is extracted with subcritical fluid countercurrent, then the solvent in the mixed oil and meal is gasified under reduced pressure, and the gasified solvent gas is compressed, condensed and liquefied by compressor before recycling.

Advantages of process technology:

After extraction, the protein content of wheat germ meal was more than 30%, the residual oil content was less than 1%, and the residual solubility was less than 50ppm;

The heat source is steam or hot water at 90 ℃;

The color of wheat germ oil is golden yellow;

Extraction at room temperature and desolvation at low temperature (less than 30 ℃).

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