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Subcritical extraction of tea seed oil

Undertake subcritical extraction of tea seed oil project

Principle and advantages of subcritical low temperature extraction patent technology:

The main subcritical fluid is liquefied butane. The boiling point of the components in the solvent is below 0 ℃, and the boiling point of butane is - 0.5 ℃. It is a gas under normal temperature and pressure and a liquid under pressure. The basic principle of the process is: under normal temperature and certain pressure, the oil is extracted by subcritical fluid countercurrent, then the solvent in the feed liquid is gasified under reduced pressure, and the gasified solvent gas is compressed, condensed and liquefied by compressor before recycling.

Advantages of the patented technology:

A. Extraction at room temperature and desolvation at low temperature did not destroy the thermosensitive substances in tea seed oil and protein; the content of active substances in the extracted oil was higher than that in No. 6 solvent. The boiling point of No.6 solvent is 60-90 degrees, so the separation of solvent and oil needs a high temperature of more than 100 degrees, which greatly destroys the biological activity.

B. After subcritical low-temperature extraction, the active substances in the material remain intact, achieving the same effect as supercritical extraction, but the investment and operation cost of subcritical low-temperature extraction equipment are much lower than supercritical extraction, less than 30% of supercritical extraction.


The equipment is a general device, which can process a variety of materials: microalgae oil, almond oil, tea seed oil, safflower seed oil, grape seed oil, traditional Chinese medicine, seabuckthorn seed, pigment, etc

At present, the demonstration plant with a daily processing capacity of 70 tons has been in stable operation for 18 years.

technological process


Tea seed → cleaning → removing stone → crushing → separating kernel and shell → cold press → removing extraction


Tea seed cake

A kind of

┌ - → extraction tank → evaporation tank → desolvation → crude tea seed oil

│            ↓               ↓              ↓

Compressor vacuum pump

│                              ↓               ↓

Solvent turnover tank compressor


Crude oil → hydration alkali refining → dehydration → decolorization → deodorization → freezing crystallization → dewaxing → filtration → product oil

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