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Low temperature oil making from peanut kernel

Complete set of equipment for comprehensive processing of peanut protein from peanut kernel oil at low temperature

The technology of producing peanut oil and peanut protein by subcritical low temperature is as follows

(1) Peanut pre press:

Most of the fragrant peanut oil in line with the consumer's psychology can be obtained by low-temperature oil making from the peanut kernel after removing the red coat, and the cake suitable for extraction can also be formed.

(2) Low temperature extraction:

Low denaturation peanut meal can be obtained with residual oil less than 1.5%.

(3) Peanut protein powder production:

After peanut protein powder special pulverizer, sterilization. Peanut protein powder protein dry basis > 50%, the total number of colonies does not exceed 30000 CFU / g

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