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Rice bran oil (rice oil)

Complete sets of equipment for processing, low temperature extraction and refining of rice bran oil (rice oil)

The new technology of subcritical fluid extraction for agricultural (food) products won the first prize of Anyang science and technology progress award, the second prize of Henan science and technology progress award, and the second prize of China Grain and oil society in 2013. In 2014, he won the second prize of national technological invention in peanut protein processing project. At present, subcritical extraction technology has been widely used in vegetable oil, vegetable protein, natural pigment (Marigold Extract), medicine, food and other industries, and has built more than 100 projects in China. The main component of subcritical extraction solvent is liquefied butane or propane.

The extraction of crude oil from rice by subcritical extraction is better than that by No.6 solvent

The content of oryzanol was 12.7%

The content of phytosterol is 16.9% higher

The content of vitamin E is 65.8%

The extracted crude oil is light in color and bright in color (see the right figure below)

The denaturation of protein in rice bran meal is small when it is not heated at high temperature

Subcritical butane is suitable for rice oil production

Complete equipment of subcritical extraction technology

Extraction production line with daily treatment of 10 tons of materials

Extraction production line with daily treatment of 20 tons of materials

Extraction production line with daily treatment of 50 tons of materials

80 tons of material extraction production line per day

Scope of undertaking: production scale

5-15000l, 0.1-200t/d, turnkey project

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