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DHA, Ara production

Contract the DHA, Ara production line project of microbial oil polyunsaturated fatty acids

Our company has many years of experience

DHA, Ara complete sets of production line equipment professional process calculation database, qualified units production, installation, customized for customers 5-100 tons of mushroom residue processing capacity of complete sets of devices.

1、 Processing technology of polyunsaturated fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid DHA:

Microbial colony breaking - concentration - Biotechnology extraction of DHA - DHA oil refining - finished product packaging

2、 Polyunsaturated fatty acid arachidonic acid

Ara, AA processing technology:

Microbial colony concentration - drying - subcritical low temperature extraction - ara crude oil - ara oil refining - finished product packaging

Note: the above process is for reference only.

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