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Low temperature extraction

Multi solvent subcritical low temperature extraction unit

Our company is a provincial subcritical technology center and a National Postdoctoral research workstation. We can customize the production line of subcritical biotechnology low temperature extraction equipment with a capacity of 5-100 tons for customers, which can realize multi solvent subcritical low temperature extraction.

The main subcritical fluids are liquefied butane and propane. The boiling points of the components in the solvent are mostly below 0 ℃. The boiling points of propane and butane are - 42.07 ℃ and - 0.5 ℃, respectively. They are gas at normal temperature and pressure, and liquid after pressure. The basic principle of the process is as follows: under normal temperature and certain pressure (0.3mpa-0.8mpa), the oil material embryo (such as walnut kernel, evening primrose seed, etc.) is extracted by subcritical fluid countercurrent, then the solvent in the mixed oil and meal is gasified under reduced pressure, and the gasified solvent gas is compressed, condensed and liquefied by compressor before recycling. It has the advantages of low cost (equivalent to No.6 solvent extraction cost, 60% lower than supercritical extraction cost) and large scale (100 kg-200 tons per day). It is widely used in the extraction of heat sensitive materials. The effective components of materials are not damaged by temperature. 

Advantages of the patented technology

(1) Extraction at room temperature, desolvation at low temperature (less than 40 ℃), no damage of heat sensitive substances in oil and meal, high yield of pigment in extract, bright color, it is an ideal process for extraction of vegetable oil, vegetable protein and natural pigment;

(2) The solvent consumption is low, and the solvent consumption per ton of raw material is less than 8kg;

(3) No steam is needed, only 90 ℃ hot water is enough. Compared with No. 6 solvent, 70% of thermal energy can be saved;

(4) Small investment and low production cost (compared with CO2 extraction equipment);

(5) Low equipment pressure and high safety (working pressure 0.3-0.7 MPa);

(6) The production scale is large, and the processing capacity of a complete set of extraction equipment can reach 0.1t-200t/d

The main applications of the company's subcritical biotechnology equipment are as follows:

1. The fat soluble natural pigment was extracted by subcritical low temperature and refined by chilli oil;

2. Subcritical low temperature extraction (DHA, ARA) of polyunsaturated fatty acids from microbial oil and microalgae oil

3. Subcritical low temperature extraction of vegetable oils: wheat germ oil, peony seed oil, Ganoderma lucidum spore oil, seabuckthorn seed oil, pyrethroid oil, grape seed oil, Royal rice oil, astaxanthin oil, Xanthoceras sorbifolia oil, green thorn kernel oil, hemp seed oil, tea seed oil, bitter almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, Litsea cubeba seed oil, Broussonetia papyrifera seed oil, pine seed oil, hazelnut oil, safflower seed oil, medlar seed oil, Amaranthus Seed oil, blackcurrant oil, coix seed oil, watermelon seed oil, Hami melon seed oil, etc.

4. Walnut kernel comprehensive development and deep processing (its products are: walnut oil, defatted walnut powder, walnut milk, walnut dew, etc.);

5. Purification technology of erucic acid amide;

6. Comprehensive development and utilization of soybean and peanut It can comprehensively develop complete sets of equipment such as soybean (peanut) oil, soybean protein, peanut protein, defatted low denaturation low temperature (peanut) soybean meal (edible grade), soybean (peanut) protein powder, protein concentrate powder, etc.

7. Comprehensive development and production of Cottonseed Kernel: cottonseed oil, detoxification and degreasing low denaturation cottonseed protein powder.

8. Subcritical low temperature extraction of fat soluble components from Chinese Materia Medica (degreasing of Chinese materia medica).

9. Extraction of natural flavor oil:

Cinnamon oil, fennel oil, Zanthoxylum bungeanum oil, Litsea cubeba seed oil, jasmine extract, orchid extract, Chimonanthus praecox extract, safflower extract, Acacia extract, Osmanthus fragrans extract, gardenia extract, lily of the valley extract, Narcissus extract, jasmine extract, hops extract, violet extract, rose extract, rose extract, tangerine oil, guangmuxiang oil, vetiver oil, iris oil, Camphor oil, cedar oil, Sandalwood oil, turpentine, etc.

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