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The company's corporate culture is summarized as "loyalty, forgiveness, honesty, diligence and honesty". It uses "loyalty" to standardize the top-down way of thinking, "forgiveness" to standardize the top-down way of thinking, honesty to standardize the principles of dealing with people, and diligence and honesty to standardize personal morality

Loyalty: loyalty to the company, duty and supervisor;

Forgiveness: understanding subordinates and forgiving mistakes;

Sincerity: treat people with sincerity, be a down-to-earth person and do things seriously;

Diligence: diligent in thinking, studying and working;

Incorruptness: being honest and upright, seeking no selfish interests.

------Chairman Qi Kun

Qi Kun, chairman of the board of directors of the company, explains "loyalty", "forgiveness", "honesty", "diligence" and "honesty"

Loyalty is the essence of China's tradition and the essence of Confucius's thought. Zengzi reflected on his body three times a day. One of them said: is it cheating to be a schemer? Do you do your best for others?

As a member of an enterprise, it is the highest level to be loyal to one's own enterprise, to one's duty and to one's supervisor.

Working for the company, loyal to the company, dedicated to the survival and development of the company, this is what every employee should do. On the contrary, in the mind, in the heart of Cao Ying, in the Han Dynasty, in the action to dig the corner of the company, is the company's traitors!

Loyal to their duties, conscientiously and responsibly do their own work, is the minimum professional standards of every employee, which enterprise will tolerate dereliction of duty? There are different division of work, but there is no difference between high and low. Screws have the responsibility of screws. Computers have the function of computers. There is no difference between high and low in loyalty to duty. We should be a screw that never rust.

Loyalty to the supervisor seems too much. However, who would like to accept the subordinates who specially demolish the supervisor? Only when every level is loyal to the boss, can the whole company form a unified and efficient whole.

Those who violate the law and tear down the platform and dig the corner must be cunning villains!

Loyalty and forgiveness are the consistent thoughts of Confucius. In an enterprise, forgiveness is the supervisor's understanding of subordinates' mistakes. In daily work, everyone is subject to the limitations of subjective knowledge, personal ability and objective conditions, which inevitably leads to mistakes and even losses. At this time, it's not a good way to arouse enthusiasm to punish blindly without asking about everything. It should be seen that the starting point of his behavior is good or evil, and it will have unexpected effect to punish his subordinates for their mistakes.

Forgiveness is a kind of personality charm, which helps to unite people, call on people, and even tap people's potential.

It's a villain who regards the forgiveness of the boss as incompetence or weakness, and even takes advantage of others' forgiveness!

Honesty is the basic principle to deal with the relationship between companies, departments and people. On the national day of 1999, I put forward the idea of "being a down-to-earth person and doing things seriously" in the company, advocating the quality of honesty and integrity.

Honesty is based on self-cultivation.

Sincerity is shown in the starting point of dealing with things in daily work. Whether you treat others sincerely depends on the starting point of your consideration. Dishonest behavior, no matter how sincere it is, can be recognized by the other party. When you treat each other with sincerity, even if things go wrong, the other party will certainly be able to understand.

You can't treat others with sincerity. How can others treat you with sincerity? If there is no sincerity or trust in interpersonal relationship, you must be isolated and accomplish nothing.

Diligence is better than diligence but worse than extravagance.

Being diligent in thinking, studying and working is the basic content of every employee's daily practice.

Diligent in thinking: in work, we often encounter all kinds of problems, such as the grasp and judgment of the market, all kinds of problems and loopholes in management, all kinds of faults in equipment operation, etc. as long as we are diligent in thinking, we will come up with all kinds of ways to solve problems. In the process of solving problems, your own ability has also been improved. All kinds of innovations in technology, management and marketing are accomplished by people who are diligent in thinking. Innovation is the source of enterprise development, and diligent thinking is the only way to innovation.

Diligent learning: today's society is a society of rapid updating of knowledge and learning. Many enterprises have put forward the slogan of "learning enterprise". If they don't study, they will soon fall behind. No one wants to be eliminated by society. However, to get a foothold in the company, you need to learn business, computer Internet, cost accounting, driving, electrician, welding and so on. You need to be proficient in multiple skills and always enterprising.

Hard work: the work you undertake has certain pressure, even beyond your own carrying capacity, so you need to work hard to complete the tasks assigned by the company. Your early arrival and late return, your conscientiousness and responsibility are the most recognized by the leaders and the masses, and your diligence is the most concrete performance here, and you will certainly get what you deserve.

Honesty should be a personal accomplishment of every employee.

The system and supervision can't be insightful. Therefore, self-conscious integrity should be a part of the company's corporate culture.

A gentleman loves money, but he takes it in a proper way.

Taking ill gotten gains, or even taking bribes, is a very shameful act, and many high-ranking officials fall into the abyss.

Honesty is a kind of way, that is to say, it can not be separated in a moment. Therefore, a gentleman should be cautious of being alone, that is to say, where he is alone without supervision, he should be more cautious and honest.

Great greed begins with small greed, and begins with small gains. Therefore, we should strengthen the cultivation of honesty, guard against small gains, be cautious of being alone, be cautious of beginning, be careful of small gains, and be "innocent" in thinking. We should not unconsciously fall into the mire of being unable to extricate ourselves.

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