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Party flag flying on pagoda mountain

Party flag flying on pagoda mountain

In Northern Shaanxi in October, autumn is clear and sunny.

On the morning of October 15, 2020, all Party members and activists of the Party branch of subcritical company drove to Yan'an, the holy land of revolution, under the careful preparation and organization of the Party branch of the company, to open the prelude of the education activities on the theme party day in October.

The mountain road is winding, the culvert is continuous, the red leaves are sprinkled on the stretching Taihang and Qingliang mountains. Driving all the way, we come to Yan'an, the holy land of revolution that we have been looking forward to for a long time.

The next morning, according to the arrangement, we first visited the former site of the Yangjialing revolution and the site of the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and experienced the old revolutionary pioneers, such as Chairman Mao, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yun, who led the army and the people to win the war of resistance against Japan. Then, we came to the Yan'an revolutionary memorial hall and visited the Communist Party of China After coming out of the memorial hall, we drove to wangjiaping, the address of the general headquarters of the Eighth Route Army. We visited the site of the eight year Anti Japanese war in the base area of the Eighth Route Army Headquarters command and deployment, and experienced the site of the combat work of the general staff and the General Administration. Finally, we came to the revolutionary base of Yan'an Pagoda mountain and Zaoyuan to experience the symbol and symbol of Yan'an Pagoda, the holy land of revolution, and fully feel the pagoda as the torch and beacon light leading the Chinese revolution to victory. Chen Yi's Yan'an Pagoda song says:

"There is a pagoda in Yan'an, towering on a high mountain, towering into the clouds. The top of the pagoda points to the direction, the red sun shines on the white snow, and all people look up to it.". In Zaoyuan, I visited the places where Chairman Mao, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Ren Bishi and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation once lived, worked and lived. I reviewed the glorious course of our party and our army's gradual development and expansion based on Yan'an, leading the Chinese revolution to victory, and felt the Yan'an spirit. The red base theme party day activities, so that we have a more profound understanding of the party's fighting history and theoretical knowledge, especially in the Yan'an period of the great development of the party has a more comprehensive, more profound understanding, and great harvest.

The theme of the party day activities, feel a lot, benefit a lot, summed up in the following five aspects: first, to strengthen learning, improve quality. Chairman Mao pointed out:

"It is impossible for a political party guiding a great revolutionary movement to win without revolutionary theory, historical knowledge and profound understanding of the time movement.". Second, we should be down-to-earth and dare to take responsibility. During the Yan'an period, no matter Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other revolutionary leaders, or Zhang sider, who "died more than Mount Tai", were all down-to-earth and courageous role models. Third, we should be full of confidence and work hard. In the hard years of persisting in the war of resistance against Japan, the Communists overcame many difficulties with the belief of victory, and finally won the victory. Today, we also need to remember our original intention and forge ahead. Fourth, be grateful and modest. When the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, Mao Zedong pointed out in his opening speech "the fate of two Chinas": "we should be modest, cautious, guard against arrogance and impatience, and serve the Chinese people wholeheartedly.". Fifth, we should care for the masses and serve the workers. The 13 years of the Communist Party in Yan'an were 13 years of relying on, rooting in and serving the masses. Today, the Communists should and must be like this.

On October 17, we embarked on the road of return with full harvest. The theme party day activity ended, and Yan'an spirit will inspire us not to forget our original intention and forge ahead in our future work.

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