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Qi Kun, chairman of the board of directors of the company and specially appointed chief expert

Qi Kun, a senior engineer, enjoys special allowance from the State Council. In 1989, he invented subcritical low-temperature extraction technology, researched and developed subcritical extraction technology for 30 years, formulated subcritical extraction solvent standard, edited "subcritical biological extraction technology and application", won the second prize of national technology invention, 10 first and second prizes of provincial and ministerial level, director of post doctoral scientific research workstation, director of Henan subcritical extraction engineering technology research center, and many research institutes He is the tutor of postgraduates and deputy to the 9th and 10th National People's Congress of Henan Province. He is the executive director of the oil and fat branch of China Grain and oil society, chief expert and executive director of Henan subcritical Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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