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Subcritical Technology

1 subcritical extraction technology

The technology was created by Qi Kun, the chief expert of Henan subcritical company, in 1989. Its pilot and pilot research were the key scientific and technological projects in Henan Province at that time, and its production technology demonstration project was the "Torch" project of the Ministry of science and technology at that time. After 30 years of development, it has carried out research and application in the fields of vegetable oil, essential oil, pigment, Chinese herbal medicine and vegetable protein, and established more than 100 sets of production lines and scientific research facilities. It is a low-temperature, low-pressure, efficient physical method, which can avoid the thermal denaturation problem in the extraction process of biological components, maintain the biological activity of the extracted components, and avoid the production of trans fatty acids, glycidyl esters, trichloropropanol esters and other harmful substances in the extraction of vegetable oils due to heating. To ensure that the plant essential oil extraction components complete, pure taste. To ensure the invariance of active ingredients extracted from Chinese herbal medicine. Ensure that plant protein does not occur thermal denaturation, plant starch gelatinization invariable.

In the temperature range above the boiling point but below the critical point, the solvent exists in the state of liquefaction under a certain pressure, which is defined as the subcritical state of solvent. The low temperature subcritical extraction process is to use the medium with boiling point lower than 0 ℃ as solvent to extract biological components. Propane, butane, dimethyl ether and tetrafluoroethane are the most widely used subcritical extraction solvents. The conventional solvent ethanol, hexane and water are extracted at the liquid temperature lower than their boiling point. The heating process of solvent removal from the extract results in the thermal damage of the extract and the loss of volatile oil components. The conventional extraction process is a high temperature, atmospheric pressure and efficient physical method. Supercritical CO2 extraction is a physical method with low temperature, high pressure and low efficiency, sometimes accompanied by the chemical action of carbonic acid, which is taboo in extraction.

More than 200 kinds of raw materials have been studied and mass produced by subcritical extraction, such as Camellia oleifera seed, peony seed, walnut, grape seed, Yasha bean, Xanthoceras sorbifolia, flaxseed, Acer truncatum seed, pine nut and other plant oils, rose, aloes, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, ginger and other plant essential oils, marigold, pepper and other plant pigments, Schisandra chinensis, Eucommia ulmoides seed and other Chinese herbal ingredients Take, Ganoderma spores, microorganisms and other fungi oil extraction and so on. Our company can provide turnkey engineering complete sets of equipment. The company's production demonstration base has a subcritical extraction production demonstration line with a daily processing capacity of 80 tons, which can provide batch processing services. The company's research institute can cooperate to carry out subcritical extraction technology research for customers' raw materials, and develop new products of plant extracts for customers.

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