Henan Subcritical Biotechnology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is located in Anyang High-tech Zone, with independent intellectual property rights of subcritical biological extraction technology (" Liquefied petroleum gas oil leaching process "patent number: 90108660.6; "Subcritical Fluid Extraction Device and Method for Active Ingredients of Natural Products" Patent No. : ZL2009 1 0034263.3), holding the registered trademark of "Subcritical". Its subsidiaries include Henan Yaqiu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (design and manufacture), Henan Khuahua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (production demonstration base), Henan Provincial Sub-critical Extraction Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (research and development base), Tangyin Aiqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (technology application). The main business of the company is to provide solutions for the processing of vegetable oil, animal oil, microbial oil and other fields, and to realize the large-scale production of the project party with the complete set of oil equipment of the turnkey project. At present, the company has established more than 100 equipment production lines and scientific research equipment.

    Subcritical extraction technology at low temperature is a physical method of large-scale production, extraction of mechanical equipment used for walnut, peony seed, fruit, seabuckthorn oil extraction, roses, aloes, Chinese prickly ash and other plant essential oil extraction plant pigments such as marigold extract, herbal ingredients such as fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, eucommia seed extract, ganoderma lucidum spore, microbial fungi such as oil extraction, etc., our company can provide turn-key project of complete sets of equipment. The company's production demonstration base has a sub-critical extraction production demonstration line with a daily processing capacity of 80 tons, which can provide batch processing service.

    At present, the company has national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, provincial engineering technology research center and other scientific research platform, has a dozen patents, is the national high and new technology enterprise, national science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises, thus enterprise talent highland construction units, with 8 sets of different functions of subcritical extraction research equipment and production lines, can be based on customer's materials collaboration subcritical extraction technology research, development and plant extracts new products for our customers.

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     Company chairman of the board of the QiKun, enjoy the State Council special allowance of the inventor of the experts subcritical extraction, subcritical extraction agent, won the second prize of national technological innovation, scientific and technological progress second prize at the provincial level, institutions, executive director of the China branch of cereals, oils and fats, two people's congress of henan province, chief expert subcritical extraction technology.


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